Room 24 at Craigburn Primary School

Welcome to everyone visiting our blog. We are a class of new Year Ones and our teacher is Mrs. Kolenberg. There are 25 children in our class and we only started back at school from our holidays on Tuesday. Craigburn is a school in the foothills of Adelaide. We have lots of trees and are lucky enough to have many birds and koalas visiting. This term will be 11 weeks long. It’s Summer right now and we have had some hot days above 40 degrees Celsius. We are going to learn about our body systems and keeping ourselves healthy as well as working together co-operatively.

Please visit our blog often to catch up with our learning.

Mrs. K has put together a video using Animoto about our school and our classroom.

5 thoughts on “Room 24 at Craigburn Primary School

  1. Hi Mrs K’s Class, it’s Millys Dad here.
    I just thought I would say hi from Balikpapan in East Kalimantan in Indonesia. Balikpapan is on the island to the ESE of Singapore.
    I am currently working on a big rail and port project to help the people of Kalimantan travel around easier. At the moment there is not much here except jungle with great big trees and vines. Today I travelled from Balikpanan down the river on a large ferry to panajam. We cross a very busy river delta with lots of large freighters as we’ll as lots of very small fishing boats. It was very busy.
    We then travelled for a couple of hours along some very hilly, old logging tracks into the jungle and then trekked up to the tops of some hills.
    I have to survey special markers so the project can be designed and then the construction crews can come in.
    To do this I’m helped by lots of Kalimantan people who help cut tracks through the jungle and to build little bridges over gullies and creeks. Today I saw some lovely flowers, a couple of big goanna type lizards and some monkeys. I also found a funny looking plant that eats insects.
    I will be working over here from a few weeks, so it is great to be able to see you all on Mrs K’s Class blog.
    I would like to be able to send you some photos of the jungle if there is an email I can send them too.
    It’s been nice to talk to all of you. I hope you all have great day.

    Bye, Milly’s a Dad

    PS could someone give Milly a big hug because I miss her.

  2. I have beenhaving fun in Mrs K’s class, I like doing Maths and I like all the readers you have in the boxes. In my family I have my Dad, my Mum, and my Dog Oscar. Sometimes I have sleepovers with people in this class. I love your teaching Mrs K.
    Love from Kyah

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