Wacky Wednesday

To celebrate Dr. Suess’s birthday the children in the Early Years at Craigburn dressed up in their crazy clothes today. My goodness what a crazy bunch we were!

Room 24 looked absolutely fantastic in their clothes. Have a look at us in the photos.

IMG_0986   IMG_0985

If you’d like to listen to the story of Wacky Wednesday, click on the link.

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 6.12.40 PM  Wacky Wednesday

7 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Dear Mrs. K’s class,
    We are having Wacky Wednesday, too. Good job on dressing up for Wacky Wednesday. Ellison says she loves how you are dressing. Sammi says she like you outfits. Kayla says she likes how you are all dressed up today. Ahnika says she likes your hats and faces. Erin says she has on missed matched socks, inside out pants, and her Tribal Camp shirt on. Sophia says you guys picked good outfits. Aleix say he like your class.
    Have a great day!
    Mrs. Ruckes Class

  2. Isabella, thank you so much for putting so many positive comments on our blog. It’s great to know that you looking at it and take the time to comment!
    From Mrs.K

  3. Hello mrs Ks class I hope you are enjoying room 24 mrs kolenberg is a great teacher and I love all your wacky Wednesday costumes :-)

  4. I loved dressing up in wacky clothes it was really fun.
    I was wearing two different shoes and one sock.

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